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Help Yourself To English by ILS Nantes

Listening comprehension (audio and video), vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Activities we have created ourselves, plus links to the best activities from other English-learning sites.


Video shorts of 3-6 minutes on a variety of subjects. Subtitles available in English and other languages. Multiple-choice comprehension questions and links to other sites allowing you to explore the subject more.

BBC Learning English

A very complete site for English language learners, including audio, video, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, expressions...
Activities available for all levels, for those who have a lot of time and those who don't - from 1 hour to 1 minute!

VOA Learning English

Voice of America website for those who need to understand American pronunciation or culture. A range of different language activities at different levels , mostly with audio and video. All spoken English is very slow, to help with comprehension.

Breaking News English

A simple concept but very useful for comprehension and language practice. Listen to and read a short news story, then do different exercises: dictation, gapfill etc. You choose the level of difficulty and the speed of reading. Updated most days.

British Council LearnEnglish

Another very complete site. Activities divided into different categories: Skills (listening, reading, writing), Grammar, Vocabulary, Business English and General English. You can also do an "English level test" to determine which activities are best for you.