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If you want to explore English websites yourself, these are our recommendations.  We have selected them because they are generally easy to use, motivating and fun. You will also find specific activities from these sites on our Activities page.

1  TED  (A2 to C2).
More than 1400 talks of 5 to 20 minutes duration by leaders in the fields of science, technology, business, entertainment and many more.

Key attractions: Often fascinating for learning new things about the world. Subtitles usually available in English and French. Interactive transcript - also in English and French - allows you to listen to selected extracts. Free download of talks to your computer or MP3 player.

Visit the site here.

2 British Council Listen and Watch. (A2 to C2)
Many different audio and video files especially designed for language learners, and all accompanied by language practice activities. Mini-drama series, talks, stories, magazine articles read aloud, podcasts and many more.  Mainly British accents. General interest, not professional.

Key attractions: Language practice activities to do on your computer or print out. Free download to your computer or MP3 player

Visit the site here.

3 BBC World Service Learning English (B1 to C2)
Audio, video and written language activities especially designed for language learners, Audio and video files ususally accompanied by practice activities. Mainly British accents. General and professional English.

Key attractions: Special sections on pronunciation, quizzes, "Words in the news" (for those who have problems understanding news broadcasts in English).

Visit the site here.

4 Business English Pod (B1 to C2)
Many different listening activities organized by theme: meetings, presentations, telephoning, negotiations, socializing, travel etc. Most audio activities combine dialogues with clear explanations by a teacher, also on the audio file. Some video files too - principally on-screen presentations of language with audio commentaries  Mostly American accents, but with some British

Key attractions: Clear, visually attractive site. Free download of audio files. Try also  the "Vocabulary" section for visually memorable presentations of different lexical themes. Also offers help with writing emails - search for "Business Writing" in the search window top right if you can't find it in the menu. NB No transcripts or exercises available if you don't become a "Premium member" - around 80 euros for the first year and 25 euros/year after that.
Visit the site here 

5  Voice of America Special English  (A2 to B2)
Audio news stories specially recorded in slow and simplified American English to help you with comprehension of American accents. Transcripts available for all audio files.

Key attractions: Search facility (look for stories with "Obama", for example). Double click on word in transcript and you will see dictionary definition in English. Free download to your computer or MP3 player

Visit the site here.

6  Oxford University Press (OUP) Students' site (A1 to C2)
A rich source of activities for general or professional English , principally designed to accompany OUP's courses, but also interesting for independent study.

Key attractions:  Often visually attractive (and interactive). Titles which are particularly rich in resources are "Headway" and "New English File" for general English, and "Business Result" (see under "Result") for professional English.

Visit the site here.

7 Dailymotion and Youtube  (B1 to C2)
You have probably watched video sequences in French on these sites, but have you thought of searching for English videos?

Key attractions: Short videos ideal for listening practice at higher levels. Search facility that gives hundreds of results. Try "France 24 English" as a search term to find news stories about France and Europe - it's easier to understand when you know the subject.

Visit Dailymotion here.
Visit Youtube here.

8 Howjsay (A1 to C2)
Online pronunciation dictionary with over 140,000 words and expressions. Just type the word, press "Submit" and hear it pronounced.  Or type up to 10 words, separated by semi-colons ( ; ) and hear them in sequence.
Key attractions: Automatic translation of word on same page via Google Translate; American alternative pronunciation given where appropriate; lists of similar words give possibility of learning other forms of the same word  e.g. advantage/advantages/advantageous

Visit the site here.

9 Real English (A2 to C1)
Short interviews in the street with members of the public. Each episode focuses on  particular grammar structures, vocabulary or expressions.

Key attractions: Natural English spoken in different British and American accents. Good editing of the interviews to make them more accessible and comprehensible.

Visit the site here.

10 Breaking News English (A2 to C1)
Listen to short news stories for general comprehension, then listen intensively to selected sentences ("Dictation")and type in the words you hear

Key attractions: The same text can be listened to at different speeds and sometimes with a choice of British or American accents. The "Dictation" section is great for understanding pronunciation and is fun

Visit the site here.

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