Help Yourself To English was created by ILS, a language training organization in Nantes. Learn more about us on (French only)

We started Help Yourself To English because we know that the Internet is a rich source of material for learners of English. But do you know which websites to go to? And with so many pages on a website, do you know how to navigate round it?  And is it easy to find themes that interest you?

If you answer "no' to any of these questions, then Help Yourself To English  is for you. Our objectives are:
  1. to guide you to the best websites for improving or practising your English 
  2. to give you specific activities that have worked well in our classes.
  3. to find subjects that we think you will find motivating, fascinating or fun.


Help Yourself To English offers you the opportunity to read articles, listen to audio files, watch video sequences, answer quizzes, and do many other activities.
  • If you are happy to explore some English-language websites yourself, go to our Top Sites page.
  • If you want to choose from a list of specific tasks or links, go to our Activities page. Here you will find
    • links to selected activities from our Top Sites
    • activities we have created ourselves at ILS 
  • Certain activities have answers available. To see these,  go to the Answers page. NB For all activities after 2014, just click on the link at the bottom of each activity 
We hope you enjoy this blog. Come back often to see what's new. And above all, don't forget to leave us your comments and suggestions: Under each post , you can leave an opinion in Post a Comment. 

Thanks in advance.

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