Pronunciation: how pauses change meaning

(A2), B1, B2, (C1)

This activity from the Pronunciation Studio website takes a humorous look at how different pauses (and punctuation) in a sentence can change the meaning completely. You will see ten sentences and then hear each one spoken in two different ways. You can then read an explanation of the different meanings. Activity time: 10 to 25 minutes.

Task: First look at these sentences. Can you see how each one could be punctuated in two different ways?

1   let's eat grandma
2   a woman without her man is nothing

3   oh no vodka
4   why don't you run over kate
5   don't eat that honey
6   call me gorgeous if you like
7   most of the time travellers have jet lag
8   we love cooking children and watching films 
9   how do you write clearly
10 what is this thing called love 

Now go to the activity and check your answers. Listen to the sentences spoken and repeat what you hear. Then come back to this page and try saying the sentences again without the audio and the punctuation to help you.

The activity page is here 

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