Pronunciation: Different nationalities, different accents

(A2,) B1, B2, C1

Each nationality has its own particular problems with English pronunciation. These include individual sounds, word stress and intonation.  In this activity from the Pronunciation Studio website, you will discover  the difficulties encountered by French speakers of English. You will hear typical incorrect pronunciations of words and sentences, then practise the correct version. 

There are also links to similar exercises for Spanish and Russian speakers of English, and another to compare British and American speakers .  Activity time: 10-15 minutes per link.

1 Read the description of each pronunciation problem. Don't worry if you don't understand all the technical terms used - it's not important for doing the exercise.

2  Listen to the corresponding audio file for each point. You will hear the incorrect pronunciation first, then the correct one. Repeat the correct version.

Go to the activity on French pronunciation problems here.
For Spanish, go here.
For Russian, go here.
For a comparison of British and American pronunciation, go here.
(For more on British and American pronunciation, you may also like this other post from our site.)

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