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How much do you know about wind turbines? You are going to do a quiz and then watch a video to find the answers.Video time: 4 minutes 12 seconds. Activity time: 10 - 30 minutes

Task:  First try and guess the answers to these questions. 

1             How fast do wind turbines rotate (in rpm) ?

2             What percentage of the time do they rotate?

3             Which country in Europe has the most wind?
4             Which country in Europe has the biggest concentration of wind turbines?
5             How many homes can be powered by one wind turbine?
6             How many solar panels are needed to produce the same amount of energy ?
7             How long is the lifespan of a wind turbine?
8             How much CO2 is saved a year by one wind turbine, compared with 
               the same energy produced by fossil fuels?
9             What percentage of bird deaths are caused by wind turbines ?
10           How noisy is a wind turbine  (in decibels) at a distance of 400m?
11           What percentage of people in the UK are in favour of wind power?

2   Now watch the video and compare your answers.

 The answers to the quiz are below


1  15-20 rpm
2  70 - 80%
3  UK
4  Denmark
5  1,219
6  16,000
7   25 years
8   2,365 tons
9   0,2%
10  40 dBa
11  70% (79% of young people)

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