Video: Passive houses

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The design of modern buildings focuses on reducing energy consumption as much as possible. A passive house is a building that  uses little or no extra energy for heating in the winter or cooling in the summer. This short video talks about the principles of passive house construction. You will practise talking about key ideas and learn some specific vocabulary related to modern house construction. Finally, you will practise reading the text aloud.  Video time: 90 seconds  Activity time: 15 to 30 minutes


1 Watch the video two or three times  and then use the illustration below to talk about the subject. Just focus on the main ideas - you don't need to remember all the words.

2  Do the two exercises on the worksheet. When you've finished, watch the video again to check your answers.
3 The speaker speaks quickly but pauses from time to time. Listen and mark all the pauses with a  /  in the text. Then listen to each sentence again and repeat, pausing at the same time as the speaker.
e.g  It needs to be oriented properly / so the sun can heat it in the winter / and shade is provided in the summer /

The worksheet is here.
The answers are below

Ex.2  (in order):  fireplace, air-conditioner, winter jacket, thermal highway, triple pane glass, fresh air, body heat, light bulbs, energy bill
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