Reading: The People Walker

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You've probably heard of people who you can pay to walk your dog for you.  You're going to read about Chuck McCarthy, who has started his own business as a "people walker". And he has already been surprisingly successful. Activity time: 20 to 30 minutes

Task: Answer the questions

1  What does his job consist of?
2  Why did he decide to do it?
3  How does he advertise? 
4  What success has he had?
5  What do people want to talk about?
6  Does he work alone?
7  Does he have any plans to develop the business?
8  Why does he think people are interested?

What do you think of the idea of paying somebody to walk with you?

The reading text is here  
The answers are below

1  He walks people for $7 a mile
2  He's an actor needing to make extra money, but at first it was just a joke
3  On his T-shirt, on his Facebook page and with flyers that he puts on lampposts
4  He's had hundreds of emails and there's been a lot of interest
5  Mostly "small talk" subjects like traffic problems in LA
6  No - he's recruited five other people in LA
7  Yes - he wants to get money from crowdfunding to develop an app like Uber.
8  It's difficult to cooordinate leisure time with friends; people want human interaction and 
    not just virtual contact; people need exercise 

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