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Teleconferences can save valuable time and money compared with real face-to-face meetings. But as in all meetings, the behaviour of participants and technological problems can make them less efficient. This video shows some of  the problems encountered in teleconferences.  These are presented in a humorous way, imagining the discussion as a real face-to-face meeting.  You will learn some useful expressions for  teleconferences and for meetings in general. Video time: 3 minutes 25 seconds  Activity time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Task:   Look at the worksheet - the link is below. There are four exercises to do before, while and after watching the video. 
NB You only need to watch the first 3 minutes and 25 seconds of the video (until the end of the teleconference)

Go to the worksheet here.
The answers to the exercises are below.


B  All the problems in the list occur during the “teleconference”!

C  1 This   2 purpose  3 cut  4 invite  5  access  6 digit  7  Any/move   8  ahead  9  mute/start
    10 sharing  11 download  12 assuming  13 comments  14 go  15 breaking/dead spot
    16 recap  17 Thanks

objective = purpose
I lost the connection  = I got cut off
change to the next subject = move on          
You speak first = Go ahead
My microphone was switched off = I was on mute
repeat from the beginning = start over
I suppose = I'm assuming
talk about = go over
My connection is beginning to disappear = I'm breaking up
a place where phone reception is bad = a dead spot
a summary of what's been said = a recap (email)

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