Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Video: How to reduce rush-hour traffic

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Rush-hour traffic causes pollution and a lot of stress for car drivers, who find that their journey to work gets a little longer every year. In this video from TED, Jonas Eliasson, a Swedish traffic expert, explains how Stockholm managed to solve its traffic problem. Video time: approximately 6 minutes. Activity time: 20 to 45 minutes

Task: Watch the video from about 02.30 to the end and answer the questions
1  What was the problem in Stockholm?
2  What new measure did they try in 2006?
3  What happened on the first day?
4  What was the situation five years later?
5  What happened at the end of the trial period? And then in 2007?
6  How did public support for the measure change?
7  What happened when they did a study on:
    - changes in people's driving habits?
    - public attitudes to the measures?
       Check your answers here
       You can see the complete text of the talk here.  


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  1. it feels like a free school for those who want to learn English. One thing that was new for me was the it has created levels for leaning like the spped as at which speed would you like the audio to thus catering to the needs of everyone and making it simple and easy