Video: How to reduce rush-hour traffic

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Rush-hour traffic causes pollution and a lot of stress for car drivers, who find that their journey to work gets a little longer every year. In this video from TED, Jonas Eliasson, a Swedish traffic expert, explains how Stockholm managed to solve its traffic problem. Video time: approximately 6 minutes. Activity time: 20 to 45 minutes

Task: Watch the video from about 02.30 to the end and answer the questions
1  What was the problem in Stockholm?
2  What new measure did they try in 2006?
3  What happened on the first day?
4  What was the situation five years later?
5  What happened at the end of the trial period? And then in 2007?
6  How did public support for the measure change?
7  What happened when they did a study on:
    - changes in people's driving habits?
    - public attitudes to the measures?
       Check your answers here
       You can see the complete text of the talk here.  


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