Video: Project management made simple

B1, B2, (C1)

Do you have to work on projects with customers, suppliers or maybe with other colleagues inside your organisation? In this video from Youtube, you will learn and practise some of the language we use for talking about objectives, results and how to manage projects. Video time: 2 minutes 42 seconds  Activity time: 10 to 30 minutes

Task: 1 Open the exercise sheet and read  A:  "Key Vocabulary"
2 Read the summary in B. Can you guess any of the missing words? 
3 Watch the video, then complete the missing words in B. Listen again if necessary.

Go to the video here.
Go to the exercises here.
Check your answers here.

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Audio: A healthy diet

A2, B1

In this listening game  from the Elllo site, you will hear somebody talking about what he east and drinks during the day. You will answer some questions about each activity, then look at some of the language for describing diet.  Audio time: 3 minutes 36 seconds. Activity time; 15 to 30 minutes

Task:  Go to the activity page and
1 Press the "Begin Game" button. Listen to the audio, then a question will appear. 
2 To answer the question, click on one of the three photos. If your answer is wrong, you will hear the audio again
3 Press the "Continue" button to go to the next question
4  Go down the page to Part 2. Read the audio script and listen at the same time

5  Here are some expressions from the audio. Match the verbs in A with the nouns in B

A    skip       put on        stay in     cut out         have          cheat on
B    shape     a diet         weight     fast food      breakfast   a snack       

6 Complete the sentences with these verbs.
    stay in       skip         cut out       have     go on    lose    be out of    put on      

a  I usually ______  breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I sometimes  ______ a meal if I'm very busy.
b  I 've _______ weight, so I think I'll have to ________ sweets and chocolates 
c  I don't want to _________ shape, so I'm going to join a gym. I also want to _______ a diet.
d  I'm going to _______ 10 kilos, and then I'll start running to _________ shape.

Go to the activity page here
Check your answers here

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