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A2, B1, (B2)
Do you know the difference between come and go? Or between bring and take ?  These verbs are often confused. To understand the differences, you are going to watch a short video from the Simple English Videos site  You will then do an exercise to check your understanding. Video time: 2 minutes. Activity time: 10 to 25 minutes.

Task: 1  Watch the video without looking at the videoscript. Watch again and use the script (under the video window) if necessary.  

2 Now complete these sentences with one of the verbs.


1   I have my car. I can ______ you to the station if you want.
2   A: Can I _______ this shirt back if it's not the right size? B: Yes, of course, sir.
3   A: Our holiday was great! B: Fantastic! When did you _______ back?
4   I'll  show you where Mrs. Gordon's office is. Please ________ with me.
5   If you ______ down this street, it's the second road on the right.
6   We're invited to dinner at David and Steph's tonight. What time do we have to ____?
7   I'll see you at the airport at seven tomorrow. Don't forget to _______ your passport.
8   Can you _______ this letter to the post for me?
9   I don't want to ______ to London. I want to stay here.
10  ________ upstairs.It's the third floor. Just open the door when you hear the 'click'.
11  Sign in a Chinese restaurant: "Eat here or ________ away"
12  Excuse me. Can you ________ us another bottle of red wine?

Go to the video here.

Check your answers to Exercise 2 here.
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