Video: How technology could change cities

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Kent Larson is an American architect involved in different projects to solve contemporary problems in the home, the workplace and the city. In this presentation from TED , he gives his vision of how technology can improve living conditions in cities. He also suggests what lessons we can learn from the past in planning the cities of the future. Video time:  16 minutes and 42 seconds. Activity time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Task:  Watch the video and answer the questions below  (NB if you would like sub-titles, just move your cursor over the video window to see the sub-title menu)

1   What are the characteristics of (a) pre-industrial settlements (b) industrial era cities?
2   Explain these figures: 300-400 million / 15 years / 90% / 80% / 75% 
3   What are the new trends in cities (a) for work  (b) for the home? 
4   How could Paris be a model for the city of the future?

5   Explain these terms:  a compact urban cell, a mesh network, a mobility parkway
6   What’s special about Copenhagen?
7   Explain the diagram below.

8   Why might cars need eyes?
9   How can you “democratize access to bike lanes”?
10 What is a possible solution to the problem of affordable housing ?
11 Explain these figures: 14/28    $ 70,000 /$ 10,000
12 Why might you need wireless sensors in your furniture?
13  How can you create “personalized sunlight”?

To check your understanding, go to the "show transcript' menu under the video window, and select "English" (or your own language, if you prefer).

Go to the video here

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