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The  BBC Learning English site has a regular feature called "6 minute English"  The two presenters focus on extracts from BBC news reports and they help you to understand the vocabulary. In this activity , you will hear about the problem of young people trying to find work.

You will then do a short exercise to practise words which often combine with the word "job" . Audio time: 6 minutes. Activity time: 15 to 40 minutes.

Task:  1 Go to the activity page and read the introduction. Press the "Listen" button to hear the programme. What are the consequences of youth unemployment in the long-term, according to the BBC report?

2 Listen again if necessary, with or without the audioscript

3 Here are some words that often go with the word "job". Do they usually come before or after? (e.g. job creation or creation job? )

creation - permanent - unskilled - market - opportunity - part-time - satisfaction - nine to five - skills - temping

4  Now complete these sentences with the correct word from 3

a  You don't need special training or qualifications to do ________ jobs.
b  Someone's leaving my firm, so there's a new job __________ there.
c  My work is well-paid but boring: I don't really get any job _________.
d  It's a _________ job - just 20 hours a week.
e  I'm registered with an agency, so I'm doing _________ jobs 
f   The government is reducing employment charges to encourage job _________.
g  My hours are very long and irregular. it would be nice just  to have a _________ job.
h  He's not the right person for the post - he doesn't have the right job _______.
i   Her last contract was just for one year, but this is a _______ job.
j   Our local factory has closed, so now there are 300 more people on the job _______.

Go to the activity here.
Read the complete audioscript here.
Check your answers to Exercises 1 and 4 here.

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