Audio, reading and vocabulary: Shopping

A2, B1, B2

These activities from the BBC Learning English site give you practice in the  vocabulary and expressions you need when shopping or talking about shopping experiences.You also read two texts about shopping in London. Activity time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Task: 1 Do listening exercises 1 and 2.  Complete the conversations as indicated, then listen again and repeat. There are some useful phrases for shopping in the "Langiage Tips" at the bottom  of the page.
 2 Do reading exercises 1 and 2. Note that you have Language Tips for vocabulary and grammar at the bottom of the page
3 Do the pronunciation exercise. If you don't know what a "schwa" is, you'll find an explanation in this activity.  

Go to the activity page here.

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Video: Presentations with impact

(A2), B1, B2, C1

In this video from Australia Network, you will learn language and techniques for giving clear, structured presentations. This include expressions for signalling the different parts of your talk, and practice of intonation and word stress.  Video time; 10 minutes 17 seconds. Activity time: 15 to 40 minutes.

Task: Watch the video. The presenter will guide you, and tell you when to practise the different expressions. Go down the page to see a complete transcript of the video.

Go to the video here.

For more practice of signalling expressions, try also this activity (if you haven't already)

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Vocabulary: Elections

A2, B1, B2

How many of the leaders in the photo will still be in power twelve months from now? This is a busy year for (ex-?) Presidents and (ex-?) Chancellors, so here is an opportunity to learn some vocabulary for describing the election process. This activity is from the englishpage site. Activity time: 15 to 35 minutes

Task: 1 Go to the activity page and read  the vocabulary list. 2 Go to the bottom of the page and click on the first exercise ("Vocabulary in conversation"). Fill in the gaps, and press "Check" at the bottom to see if your answers are correct  3 Click on the arrow to the right of the words "Vocabulary tutorial" to go to the second exercise.

Go to the activity here.


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