Video: Curitiba - Brazil's dream city

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In 2010, the city of Curitiba in Brazil won the Globe Sustainable City Award. In a 2007 poll, ninety-nine percent of its inhabitants said they were happy to live there. A lot of Curitiba's success is attributed to Mayor Jaime Lerner, In this video from Youtube, you will hear about some of the innovative ideas he had and see the results of these initiatives. Video time: 15 minutes. Activity time; 20 to 35 minutes.

Task:  Watch the video and say if these statements are true or false.

1  Jaime Lerner demolished buildings and widened city streets.
2  Cars are like mother-in-laws.
3  Lerner is still Mayor of Curutiba today.
4 The three main issues for cities are mobility, sustainability and availability.
5 The number of passengers on public transport is eighty times higher than at the beginnning.
6  Public transport is free.
7 The city has four times the recommended green space per inhabitant.
8 The slums are cleaned by city workers.
9 The new houses are designed and built by the people who will occupy them.

Go to the video here.

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