Audio: TOEIC Listening Practice

(A2), B1, B2, C1, (C2)

The TOEIC exam has become a popular indicator with companies for evaluating employees' level in English. The English-test.net site provides hours of practice for the Listening section, based on the real TOEIC exam. You are going to do a complete listening practice test, which consists of 100 questions in four parts.  Activity time: 45 minutes +

Task: 1 Click on "Start test" 2 Read the "Directions" and press "Play" to  listen to the example. 3 Click on "Next" to go to the first question. Listen and select the right answer. Click on "Next" when you're ready to go to the next question 4 To see your score, click on "Finish test" ( not "View Score")

NB It's not possible to see the text for this practice test. For more than 1,000 other TOEIC-style listening exercises with audioscripts, just follow the link below. Select the exercise in the menu on the left and the activity appears in the central column. Click on "Show text" to see the complete audioscript.

Go to the complete practice test here.

For 1000+ other exercises with audioscripts: Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here.

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