Pronunciation: Stress monsters

A2, B1, B2 

To pronounce a word correctly, you have to know which syllable has the main accent, or stress. In this activity from the OUP site, you will play "Stress Monsters", a game where you have to identify the stressed syllable with your submarine. Then you will do a vocabulary exercise to practise some of the words from the game.  Activity time: 5 to 30 minutes

Task:  1 Go to the activity and take a few seconds to watch the animation and read the instructions. 

2 Choose a level of difficulty, then select  "Units 1 & 2". Now play the game.

3 Use ten of the words from the game to complete these sentences. (If your memory is like mine, you will need to play the game again!). 

a   We're looking for a new _________ secretary
b   What exactly does your job _________?
c   Tell me about your educational __________.
d   The new website design will help to __________ our image.
e   Our ____________ are in London but I work in Manchester.
f   We must try and improve our environmental ___________.
g   We _________ a wide range of services.
h   Please send it today - it's _________. 
i   Our offices occupy three _________ of the building.
j   He gave a brilliant presentation - it was _________!

4 Read the sentences aloud, with attention to pronunciation.

Go to the activity here.
See the answers to the exercise here.

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