Video: Rosé or pink wine?

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France has a reputation for good food and fine wines. When the European Commission in Brussels proposed to change the rules on rosé wine in 2009, it created a big controversy. In this news report from France 24, you will learn more about the proposal and the arguments for and against it. Video time: 3 minutes 9 seconds. Activity time: 10 to 45 minutes.

Task: 1 Watch the video and decide if these sentences are true or false.
a  Rosé wine in France is only made from red grapes.
b  The Australians and Californians mix red and white grapes.
c  Rosé wine is less popular with consumers than before.
d  Red and white wines aren't doing well on the world market.
e  The French Euro-MP thinks the red-white mix should at least have a different name.
f   Wine merchants think the Brussels proposal could help French winemakers increase their stocks. 
g  Rosé wine originates from the Provence region of France.
h  Rosé winemakers are afraid that the Brussels proposal will make their process illegal.
i   The French government supports the proposal.

2 Now read a short newspaper article and see what happened later in 2009.

Go to the video here.
Read the article from the Independent newspaper here.
Check your answers here.

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