Video: hotel and restaurant dialogues

A2, B1

Video replay with subtitles
In these videos from Youtube, you will hear some typical conversations for (a) checking into a hotel and (b) eating in a restaurant. The actors speak in slow but natural English, and you have the chance to note the useful expressions you hear.

Task:  1  Watch the two videos. When the dialogues are replayed with subtitles, repeat the sentences aloud.
2  Complete the Phrasebook below. Decide who is speaking in each case. Is it the guest (G), the hotel receptionist (R) or the restaurant waitress (W)?
3 Watch again to check your answers

PHRASEBOOK - Hotels and Restaurants
I'd like to ______ in, please?
Do you have a _________?
Where can I _____ something to eat?
What time is breakfast ______?
I hope you enjoy your _____.
Is there _______ interesting to see nearby?
Are there any shops in the ______?
Are you ready for me to take your ______?
I'll ______ the T-bone steak.
That was _______. Thank you.
Could I have the ______, please?
_____ you like to pay now or _____ I charge it to your room?
Is service ________?
Here's 40 dollars. You can keep the ______.

Go to the hotel video here.
Go to the restaurant video here.

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