Monday, February 6, 2012

Phrasal verb: look

(A2), B1, B2, (C1)
Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and one or more prepositions. They are often difficult to understand because there isn't always a logical relation between the verb, the preposition and the meaning(s). In Help Yourself to English , we want to show you the most common phrasal verbs and the contexts in which we use them.
In all cases, they are the verbs that English speakers most often use in those conexts.

Today's phrasal verb: look +  for/around/up/into/through/forward to .  Activity time: 5 - 30 minutes

Task: 1 Look at the pictures. Which verb with "look" means

a) examine or investigate  b) read quickly  c)wait for something with a feeling of pleasure
d) try and find something  e) find in a list  f) visit

2 Which verb with "look"  could you use with each pair of expressions?

a) Look ______        the town in your free time/a company
b) Look ______        a new job/a missing document    
c) Look ______        a phone number in the directory/a technical term on Google
d) Look ______        your holidays/meeting somebody
e) Look ______        a problem/the possibility of working together
f) Look ______         a report someone's sent you/a catalogue

3 Now make sentences with "look" to describe your own actions in your professional or personal life. 
e.g. I looked around the art museum last weekend. I'm looking forward to the next post on Help Yourself to English.     

Check your answers here.


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