Grammar: Irregular verb training

A2, B1, B2, (C1)

Irregular verbs forms are probably one of the first things you had to memorize in English. But do you remember them all and do you know how to use them? This activity from My English Pages provides six short practice exercises. Activity time: 10 -20 minutes.

Task: Go to the activity page and complete the missing words or choose the correct word from the list. Press "Check answers" to see your score.

Go to the activity here.

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Video: Presenting graphs and figures

B1, B2, C1

In this video from Australia Network, you will discover how to present graphs and other visual information. You will learn and practise some useful vocabulary and expressions for describing trends, referring to visual information and explaining causes. Video time; 10 minutes 12 seconds. Activity time: 15 to 45 minutes.

Task: Watch the video. The presenter will guide you, and tell you when to practise the different expressions. Go down the page to see a complete transcript of the video.

Go to the video here.

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