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In this activity from the British Council site, you will hear somebody describing his experience of learning Spanish. It may give you a few ideas about how to optimize your learning of English.  Audio time  3 minutes 8 seconds. Activity time: 15 to 35 minutes.

Task: Go to the activity page and

  1. Click on "Preparation " to do a vocabulary exercise to prepare for the listening
  2. Click on "Task". Read all the questions, then click "Play" on the audio player to listen. Answer the questions in the task and click on the "check" button for the answers
  3. Click on "Transcript" if you want to see the text of the audio. Listen again if necessary. 
The speaker said he started reading newspapers because he was motivated to learn about the country he was living in. Perhaps there are English-language newspapers about your own country? If you live in France, why not take a look at "The Connection". Click on the link below to see the online version.

Go to the activity here.
Go to the online version of "The Connection" here

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