Video: Technology transforms a Peruvian village

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In this video from Youtube , you will see how alternative technology is transforming rural villages in Peru. Video time: 4 mins and 34 seconds. Activity time: 15 to 40 minutes

Task: Watch the video and answer these questions:

1   How is the village different from ten years ago?
2   What facilities and services do villages now have?
3   How does the micro-hydro system work?
4   For how much of the day do villagers have electricity?
5   How many people manage and operate the plant?
6   What do the jobs of operator and administrator consist of?
7   Why do larger users pay less for electricity?
8   How many micro-hydro systems are already installed and what's the target?
9  What specific benefits are mentioned at the end?

Go to the video here.
Check your answers here

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