Pronunciation: quiz on the sounds of English

A2, B1, B2, C1

Written English isn't phonetic. For this reason, it is often difficult to know the pronunciation of a word from its spelling. If you can learn the main phoemic symbols in English, it will help you to (a) memorize the pronunciation of individual words (b) pronounce individual sounds more easily - especially those that don't exist in your own language. 

In this activity from the BBC Learning English website, there are five different interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of the sounds of English. Activity time: 5 - 20 minutes per quiz.

Task: Go to Quiz 1 and follow the instructions. There are links to Quizzes 2 to 5 under the words "Pronunciation tips". If you need more help on individual sounds, go back to the exercise on the sounds of English from 5/12/10.

Go to Quiz 1 here.
To do or re-do the exercise on the sounds of English, go here.
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