Video: When the whole world wants a washing machine

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One of the most popular videos on Help Yourself to English is the presentation by Hans Rosling of the problem of population growth. In this new presentation from the TED site, Hans Rosling turns his attention to the growth in washing machine use worldwide and discusses the consequences for the environment of the increase in energy consumption. Video time: 9 minutes 15 secs. Activity time: 15 to 45 minutes

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Task: 1 Look at the three slides from the presentation on this page . Try to predict what the different diagrams represent. 2 Watch the video and see if your predictions were correct. Note that you have subtitles available in English if necessary.  3 Imagine that you are explaining the three slides to a friend. Can you reproduce the main ideas? Watch the video again if necessary.

Go to the video here.

To see the original Hans Rosling video from this blog, go here.

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