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The online site howjsay is a talking pronunciation dictionary. It allows you to hear the pronunciation of individual words, or a series of up to 10 words. In this short activity, you will see how the site works.
Activity time: 5 to 15 minutes

Task:  1 Look at this list of words. What two things do they all have in common, in terms of pronunciation?

cupboard - neighbour - future - picture - forward - major - certain - pressure - labour- failure

To hear the words, go to the site here
Put your cursor on each word in the vertical list and repeat what you hear
To check your answers, go here.


2 Here are some more words that are difficult to pronounce correctly:  variety, idea, area, advantages, reliable, catastrophe, guarantee, clothes, knowledge, temperature.
Go to the home page of the site here , type the words one by one and press "Submit" each time. Repeat what you hear. Note that you also see the translation of the word into your own language.
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