Audio: making small talk with a visitor

A2, B1, B2

In this audio activity from the OUP site , you will read and hear a dialogue between a resident of Liverpool and a visitor from Norway. The context is a visit to a company, but the language is appropriate for any situation where you are receiving, or being received by, a visitor. Audio time: 2 minutes. Activity time: 15 to 20 minutes 
Task: 1 Go to the site and press "Play" to listen to and read the dialogue. 2  Listen again and pause the audio after each person has spoken. Repeat what they said.  De-select  'A' under "parts to see', and 'B' under "parts to hear" Play the audio again. Read aloud the part of 'B', and see if you can finish before 'A' speaks again
4 Do the same as in 3, but change the selection to play the part of 'A' 

Go the activity here

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Audio: Phoning to make an appointment

A2, B1, B2

In this activity from the BBC World Service Learning English site, you will practise the expressions you need to arrange a meeting by phone in a more formal or work situation. Audio time: 51 secs.  Activity time: 10 -30 minutes
Task: The activity has four steps:
  • "Think".....about what language you know already and see some typical phrases.
  • "Listen".....to conversation and note what phrases you hear.
  • "Check understanding": read transcript and listen again
  • "Practise"....with a quiz
Go to the activity here.

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Video: GM's new concept car

A2, B1, B2

In this video from Reuters, you will see a short report on the EN-V, a new concept car by General Motors presented at the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas  in January 2011. Video time: 2 mins 26 secs  Activity time: 5 - 30 minutes

Task: Watch the video and say if these sentences are true or false

1  In the year 2040, 50% of people will live in cities.
2  The EN-V was developed with another company.
3  It has two seats and two motors.
4  It can communicate with other cars via GPS and Internet.
5  It can travel up to 30 km on one charge.
6  It can help to improve road safety.
7  The car will be on the market in one or two years.

Go to the video here.

Check your answers here.

For GM's vision of the EN-V in the city of the future, watch this video (4 mins 22 secs)

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