Friday, December 24, 2010

Audio: checking in /polite questions

B1, B2,  C1

In this audio activity from the Business English pod site, you will learn some vocabulary associated with air travel and some other expressions for making requests. Audio time: 16 minutes. Activity time: 25 to 45 minutes

Task: 1 Match the words and expressions in A with those in B
A  to check in..     baggage..     a tight..     to check..     to be..     a carry-on..     a boarding..     window or..     immigration..
B  ..aisle seat     ..connection     ..and customs     ..over the limit     ..pass     ..bag     ..allowance     ..for a flight     ..your baggage  

2 Listen to the introduction, then to the dialogue in the airport. Stop the audio and check your answers to 1.

3 Listen to the dialogue again. Which of these expressions do you hear?
Can I have....?   Could you tell me....?   Would you mind -ing...?  Could you please...?  Please be sure to.... Do you mind if I.....?  I'd be grateful if you could.... 

4 Listen to the rest of the audio to hear more explanations of the vocabulary and expressions in 1 and 2. 

Go to the activity here.
Check your answers here.

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