Video: William KamKwamba builds a windmill

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In 2007, William Kamkwamba was invited to give a talk at TED about the electricity-generating windmill he had built near his home in Tanzania. He was very nervous and didn't speak very much. Two years later, he came back to talk more about his project.

You are going to watch these two talks from the TED site. As you will see, they are a wonderful example of personal initiative and perseverance. NB You may need to use the subtitle option, as William's English is a little basic, especially on the first video.

1 Watch the videos in order.
2 The Sunday Nation newspaper in Kenya recognizes the need for "real and simple solutions to everyday problems" in Africa. How do these videos illustrate that idea?  (William is mentioned in the same Sunday Nation article. If you would like to read it, click on the link at the bottom).

First watch the 2007 video - click here.

Then watch the 2009 video - click here.

To read the article from the Sunday Nation, click here.
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