Video: Photos that changed the world

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Do photos have the power to change the world? Can you think of famous photos that have had an impact on public opinion? Listen to this talk from ted.com by Jonathan Klein of Getty Images. Video time: 6 minutes. Total activity time: 10 to 45 minutes.  NB You have the possibility of subtitles in English or your language.

Watch the video and decide if these sentences are true or false.

  • .. can change the world
  • .. can provoke people to act on crucial issues
  • .. maybe provoked the birth of the environmental movement
  • .. have shown the destructive power of man
  • .. have shown the destructive power of nature
  • .. have caused international outrage
  • .. have caused governments to change their policies
  • .. can help to overcome suspicion and ignorance
  • .. can question our core beliefs and our responsibilities to each other
  • .. of war have to be graphic (= shocking) to be effective.

Go to the video here.
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