Video: Men's brains, women's brains

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How are women's brains different from men's?  You probably have your own ideas, based on your experience of the opposite sex!  In this video from Youtube , American comedian Mark Gungor gives a very amusing presentation of the differences. Video time: 5 mins and 23 secs. Total activity time: 6 to 30 minutes.  (NB If you would like to see a longer 10-minute version of this sketch, see the link at the bottom.)

Task: Watch the video. Which phrases below refer to (a) a woman's brain  (b) a man's brain?

  • consists of little boxes
  • consists of a big ball of wire
  • is like the Internet superhighway
  • is driven by emotion
  • has boxes which don't touch
  • has a "nothing box"
  • has lots of interconnections 

Go to the video
Check your answers here.

For a longer 10-minute version of the video, go here.
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