Phrasal verbs: pick up/drop off

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Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and one or more prepositions. They are often difficult to understand because there isn't always a logical relation between the verb, the preposition and the meaning(s). In Help Yourself To English, we want to show you the most common phrasal verbs and the contexts in which we use them.
In all cases, they are the verbs that English speakers most often use in those contexts.

Today's phrasal verbs: pick up, drop off .  Activity time: 5 - 20 minutes

Task: The photo shows a pick up and drop off point for a new airport terminal.
  1. What do you think the verbs pick up and drop off mean?  If you need help, read the first three paragraphs of a page from the Fedex website - here.
  2. Where would you pick up/drop off:
  • your children?
  • a visitor?
  • a suit?
  • a car?
  • some food?
3. Which sentence is not correct?
    I picked him up.                          I picked up him.   
    I picked up my daughter.             I picked my daughter up.

4  In an average week, what people or things do you pick up or drop off?

Check your answers here.

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