Audio: Paris offers its first fizzy water fountain

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In this activity from the BBC World Service Learning English site, you will hear an audio report from the "Words in the News" section. This part of the site allows you to listen to BBC News reports at normal speed, learn new vocabulary and practise your pronunciation.  Audio time: 1.5 minutes. Activity time: 5 to 25 minutes.
Task: Go to the page and
  1. Listen without reading the "Summary" or the "Report". How much can you understand? If necessary, read the "Summary", then listen again.
  2. Read the "Report" and listen again at the same time
  3. Go down the page to the "Vocabulary' section. Listen to the words and repeat them.  
  4. Listen to the complete report again and read aloud at the same time. Can you speak at the same speed as the newsreader? 
Go to the activity here.

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