Audio: Ice cream, banking and Margaret Thatcher

B1, B2, C1, (C2)

This audio talk from the British Council site is about the changing attitudes to money and debt in Great Britain. You will learn or revise some common expressions related to money, and you will also discover the link between Margaret Thatcher and soft ice cream!  Audio time: 4 mins 53 secs. Total activity time: 10 - 45 mins.

Task: Go to the activity page and
  1. Do the "Preparation" task to help you with vocabulary.
  2. Listen and do the "Task". If you find it difficult, click on "Transcript" and read and listen at the same time. Then do "Task 2"
  3. For pronunciation practice, listen and read aloud at the same time. Can you finish at the same time as the speaker?
Go to the activity here.

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